Criminal Defense

Protect Your Rights

Conviction of a crime can change your life and alter your opportunities. As an attorney who represents clients in state and federal courts, Daniel O'Brien understands how to deal with prosecutors in an effective manner. He is familiar with local, state, and federal court customs and procedures. Daniel O'Brien aggressively litigates and when appropriate, effectively negotiates cases for clients.
If you face criminal charges, it is important that you immediately take steps to protect your interests. Hiring an effective defense attorney to assist you is essential. With over 25 years of experience representing criminal defendants, Daniel O'Brien tenaciously protects the interests of his clients. He is the attorney to hire to protect your rights.
Mr. O'Brien is knowledgeable in many areas of criminal law. He will do the following for his clients:

  • Explain the charges against you and the potential penalties you face.
  • Review the charges brought against you.
  • Develop a strategy for your defense.
  • Conduct a pre-trial investigation.
  • Look for errors made by law enforcement.
  • File motions to suppress evidence for violations of your rights.
  • Seek dismissal of the case or reduction of the charges.
  • Negotiate with prosecutors to reduce your charges and minimize penalties.
  • Deal effectively with the judges who decide the outcome of your case.

Take charge of your criminal case by hiring Daniel O'Brien.
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